About the panel

The Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales (Establishment) Order 2016 required the panel to create a Skills Development and Training Sub-committee to advise the panel on skills development, training opportunities and career progression opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Our remit 

The panel has a clear remit:

  • to draft agricultural wages orders to stipulate fair minimum rates of pay and allowances for agricultural workers, consult on such orders, and submit them in draft for the approval of the Welsh Ministers
  • to promote careers in agriculture
  • to provide advice to Ministers as required

The panel 

The panel consists of members representing employers and employees, and three independent members appointed by Welsh Ministers. The panel consists of 7 members:

  • an independent chair
  • 2 independent members
  • 2 from Unite
  • 1 from Farmers Union of Wales
  • 1 from National Farming Union Wales


  • Dr Lionel Walford (Chair - Independent)
  • Peter Rees (Independent)
  • Steve Hughson (Independent)
  • Darren Williams (Farmers Union of Wales)
  • John Davies (National Farmers Union)
  • Ivan Monkton (Unite)
  • Bryan Godsell (Unite)

Daryl Williams is the Unite member until 31 March 2017 - Bryan Godsell will be the Unite member from 1 April 2017