We are moving content to the new GOV.WALES website at www.beta.gov.wales from the current website at www.gov.wales:

  • on the current site www.gov.wales, content that has been moved is clearly marked and will no longer be updated
  • on the new site www.beta.gov.wales, content is up-to-date

At first, not everything will be on the new site. If you cannot find something on the new site at www.beta.gov.wales you should look for it on our current site at www.gov.wales.

The changes we are making

We want a website that will make the work of the Welsh Government clearer and easier to understand.  The new site is designed to work well on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

At this time, www.beta.gov.wales is also home to:




We’ll be continuously making improvements to the site based on feedback. We’re keen to fix problems and make the site even easier to use, so tell us what you think.