Brexit: Securing Wales' Future

Trade Policy: the issues for Wales

On June 23rd 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU). We have been working ever since the referendum to protect and promote the interests of Wales during Brexit negotiations. We want the best possible outcome for the people of Wales.

A majority in Wales voted to leave the EU and we have been clear this democratic decision must be respected. We aim to ensure that the democratic will of the people of Wales, and our economic, social, environmental and cultural needs, inform the UK’s approach to Brexit. Through this, we are determined to secure a positive future for Wales in a post-Brexit world. 

In January 2017 we launched a White Paper ‘Securing Wales’ Future’ that set out the main issues we believe vital for Wales as the UK moves to leave the EU: 

  • The single market and international trade
  • Migration
  • Finance and Investment
  • Constitutional and Devolution issues
  • Social and environmental protections and values 
  • Transitional arrangements

‘Securing Wales’ Future’ marked the beginning of a dialogue. To continue the dialogue we are publishing a series of further documents to extend the debate both here in Wales and the United Kingdom. The first of those documents was ‘Brexit and Devolution’ and the second is ‘Brexit and Fair Movement of People’.

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Securing Wales’ Future launch

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