Use this online service to file Land Transaction Tax (LTT) returns online.

First published:
22 December 2017
Last updated:

This Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) service allows you to file and submit LTT returns online. You can also view all returns submitted and generate LTT certificates.

I haven’t registered my organisation

To file LTT returns you need to first register your organisation with the WRA and then set up an online account. See the guidance on what you need to register.

I have already registered my organisation

If you or your administrator have already registered your organisation and you have the organisation’s registration number received in the post you can now sign up for your own online account to access your organisation’s dashboard. Sign up for an online account by following the 'Sign up now' link at the bottom of the login page. See the guidance on adding additional users to an organisation.

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I already have my online account details

If your organisation is registered and you have already signed up for an online account and received confirmation that you can log in and file your LTT returns, then use the link below to access your online account in future.