We want everyone to be able to access superfast broadband. This is key for Wales to become a truly digital nation.

Through the Superfast Cymru project we have provided access to high speed broadband to the majority of homes and businesses in Wales that cannot get it through the private sector’s own commercial programmes. We have delivered this access with funding from ourselves, the UK Government, European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and BT.

Superfast Cymru has provided superfast broadband to areas without commercial rollouts. These are areas that telecoms companies have decided aren’t economical to rollout to. This covers over half of all premises in Wales.

Since the project began in 2013, the availability of superfast broadband across Wales has more than doubled thanks to Superfast Cymru. At September 2017 more than 661,000 premises had been given access to superfast broadband as a result of our rollout. These wouldn’t have received a superfast connection without the project.

Since the start of Superfast Cymru we have always been clear that some premises would not have access to superfast broadband through this project or commercial roll-outs.

We have worked with Airband to provide high speed wireless broadband to business premises. These are premises in a number of business parks and industrial estates that aren’t part of the Superfast Cymru or commercial rollout.

We are now working on the next stage of the rollout of fast reliable broadband to extend coverage even further.