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I need superfast broadband now, what help is there?

If you are not yet able to receive superfast broadband, you may be able to get connected through Access Broadband Cymru.

I need superfast broadband for my business, what support is there?

You can check superfast broadband availability.  In addition, Business Wales (external link) can help you understand the benefits of adopting superfast broadband.  If your business needs faster connectivity there is more support available to connect you to an ultrafast service.

Why has my area not received rollout yet?

The project aims to deliver access to fast fibre broadband to as many premises as possible. The size of the project means that different areas will get access at different times. BT has flexibility to focus their resources to maximise programme delivery. We work with BT to ensure they meet contractual targets. 

We understand that being unable to access a reliable broadband service can be frustrating. The project aims to deliver access to fast fibre broadband to your area as soon as it can.

Why is there no date for rollout to my premises?

Due to the size and scope of the project, it is impossible for work to take place in all areas at the same time. BT are rolling out fast fibre broadband to as many premises as possible, but the project will run until 2017. There are still areas that, for many reasons, the project hasn’t yet addressed. 

Why has my connection date slipped?

The project aims to rollout fast fibre broadband to as many premises as possible as quickly as possible. But due to the large scale of this project there can be  unforeseen delays that cannot be predicted. These include issues that couldn’t be identified at the planning stages. BT have to manage these issues when they come across them. These issues include:

  • blocked ducts
  • wayleave disputes
  • traffic management issues
  • civil engineering issues
  • the weather.

These issues can have a significant impact on the rollout.

We understand this may be frustrating. The project aims to deliver access to fast fibre broadband to your area as soon as it can. Until rollout is complete we can’t assure you that your premises will be able to get superfast speeds.

Why hasn’t my premises been enabled but other nearby premises have?

Different factors can affect the maximum broadband speed to premises. Distance from the cabinet to your premises is one example. As the distance from the cabinet increases, the quality and strength of the broadband signal decreases. This means that some premises may be able to access an improved speed, but not a superfast speed. Although it is unlikely, BT may revisit your postcode area before the end of the project. However this is not guaranteed.

Why is my premises not included in the rollout?

We always anticipated there a small percentage of premises may not be part of the rollout due to their circumstances. Until the rollout is complete we can’t say which premises these will be.

We conducted a review of premises that commercial programmes were not going to connect. Superfast Cymru can only connect those premises identified during this review. This means that the project can’t roll out to your premises if it has slipped from the commercial programme. It also cannot roll out to new premises where the developer hasn’t considered superfast broadband.

My cabinet has been enabled for fibre but due to high capacity I am unable to order a superfast service

The role of the project is to install the fibre network. Once the service goes live, the network is handed over to BT Openreach who maintain and operate it. BT Openreach actively monitor cabinets. When they see that one is reaching capacity then they schedule it for an upgrade. 

BT aim to provide extra capacity as soon as possible for areas experiencing high levels of demand. This can take time to plan and may mean making changes to the infrastructure to accommodate the extra equipment needed. In some cases, BT may need to supply an extra fibre cabinet.

If you experience this particular issue please email customerhelp@wales.gsi.gov.uk for help.

How do I order Fibre to the premises (FTTP)?

Information about how to order can be found on the Fibre to the premises page.

Why don't I get the speed I pay for?

Companies advertise the maximum possible speed your line can receive. However, there are many things that can affect the actual speed you get:

  • the distance between your premises and the telephone exchange or fibre cabinet you are connected to
  • the time of day
  • how many people or devices using  your internet connection at the same time
  • how many people using the same website as you
  • whether your device is connected to the router with a cable or wirelessly and if connected wirelessly, the location of your router
  • the quality of the telephone cable in your premises
  • the age of your device or router
  • how many applications you are running on your device
  • the weather.

For practical tips on improving your broadband speed visit Ofcom's website.

Why go superfast?

Superfast broadband allows you to communicate and share the things that are most important to you in a quicker and more reliable way.  Whether you're surfing the web, chatting to family on the other side of the world or discovering new places to visit, with a high speed internet connection it's so much better.