The internet and cloud-based services have transformed business. But the benefits of the internet to your business are affected by the type of service and speed you choose to subscribe to.

As with home internet, most business services such as email, social media, cloud backup, software as a service, voice over IP, or video conferencing won’t use huge amounts of bandwidth on their own. However, you need to consider how many employees or users will be using these at the same time. You need fast enough broadband to prevent interruption of critical systems or loss of quality of service.

Using superfast broadband can bring your business new opportunities. Our Superfast Business Wales service can help you understand, adopt and exploit these opportunities.

Superfast not fast enough?

If you want to upgrade your business connection to an ultrafast service (100+Mbps downstream, 30+Mbps upstream) then you may be able to get connected via our Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher scheme.

The scheme provides up to £10,000 to fund (or part-fund) the installation costs of new ultrafast connections for businesses in Wales. It does not include monthly rental costs. The first £3,000 of eligible costs are 100% funded by Welsh Government, between £3,000 and £17,000 is 50% funded, and above £17,000 no additional funding is provided.

Applying for a grant 

  • Check eligibility – details can be found in the ‘Eligibility criteria and scheme conditions’ in the document downloads.Carefully consider what speed connection your business requires today and over the next 12 months.
  • Choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Complete an application form – download the application form found in the document downloads.
  • Send your application to Welsh Government for approval along with a quote from your chosen ISP.
  • If approved, you will receive an offer letter. You can then contact your chosen ISP to install your ultrafast equipment. Once installed, paid for and the new speeds have been confirmed your claim can be submitted.
  • If you have any questions email us at

Business Parks and Industrial Estates

In addition to the Superfast Cymru rollout we have worked with Airband to provide high speed wireless broadband to business premises in a number of business parks and industrial estates that aren’t part of the Superfast Cymru or commercial rollout. To check if you are able to receive superfast broadband via this network visit the Airband website (external link).