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4. Repaying the shared equity loan

The shared equity loan needs to be repaid within 25 years. However, you are free to pay off the shared equity loan at any point within that period.

You can repay either a proportion of the loan you received, or the loan in its entirety, without selling the property – this is known as staircasing. Under the terms of the loan:

  • you can staircase at any time after completion
  • following any staircasing, the remaining balance of the Help to Buy – Wales shared equity loan must be at least 5% of the market value
  • you cannot staircase if you are in arrears with your monthly Help to Buy – Wales payments, unless those arrears and any other outstanding fees or expenses are paid off at the same time as you staircase

If you are planning to sell, make improvements to or transfer ownership of your Help to Buy – Wales home, you should read our post-sale information leaflet.

Further information about your Help to Buy - Wales agreement can be found in the Help to Buy - Wales : Post sales guide