Community cohesion

The Welsh Government wants to make sure Wales is an inclusive country in which people from all backgrounds are welcomed and there is zero tolerance of xenophobia, racism or bigotry. 

We work with local authorities, the police and third sector equality and inclusion organisations to ensure that cohesion takes root in all communities. We also fund regional community cohesion coordinators who play a vital role in supporting this work in eight areas across Wales.  

The EU referendum has created divisions in families, communities and society, which will take a generation to heal. In some cases it has led to increased tensions in communities and even to instances of hate crime. As we move closer to EU exit – with the additional uncertainty of no deal Brexit – these tensions could be further exacerbated.

Community cohesion programme 

The Welsh Government’s EU Transition Fund has helped to expand the regional community cohesion programme and the network of coordinators to help identify potential problems in their areas. Their role is to reduce local tensions through engagement and reassurance and to facilitate collaboration between public services. Additional funding from the EU Transition Fund will also be used to build on the existing network of coordinators to undertake specific work to mitigate community tensions relating to Brexit. 

Where to go for help and support 

If you want talk to someone about community concerns in your area, consider contacting:  

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